Down 7.8 Pounds


Yeah, you read that right – I lost 7.8 effing pounds this week.

Now, I’m fully aware that this is the honeymoon period.  Right now, my body is saying “OMG you’re not putting a bunch of shit in me anymore!  I’m FREEEE!!” and I’m all “Body, calm down”.  I know that I’m not going to lose 7.8 pounds every week.  In fact, if I can just KEEP THIS OFF for next week, I’ll be friggin happy.

But 7.8 pounds!  AHH!  As my Weight Watchers leader in Lincoln used to say – that is 31 sticks of margarine, butter, or lard.  31 sticks.  (It’s one of my favorite ways to measure weight loss.)  Or, as my parents informed me, that’s the size of a newborn baby!  (Although I’m not sure I’m comfortable making that comparison.)

So I’ve decided that every week I’m going to post a photo of myself in some fashion. Today, all I had was me and my iPhone – so here you go.

Weight: 228.0 pounds

(I got up and worked out before the WW meeting – hence, the hair.)

This is an absolutely amazing end to Week 1 of this journey.  However, it is only the beginning – I’ve got a long way to go.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support – you all are the absolute best!


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