Green Friday

I’m fairly certain that the “Black” in “Black Friday” is referring to the effort it takes to drag yourself out of a food coma.  (Either that or all the crazies out today shopping – no offense, friends, but I just can’t get up at 3 in the morning to stand in line with a bunch of cranky, deal-hungry people.  It’s a terrifying thought.)

But back to the food part.  Thanksgiving is an absolutely lovely time to get together with family, catch up on each other’s lives, and eat some seriously delicious food.  However, that whole “delicious food” thing can be ROUGH.  I remember one Thanksgiving where I ate so much food and drank so much champagne that I passed out on the couch for like 3 hours, post-meal.  I was totally that family member.  It was so good in the moment, but I seriously regretted it later on.  Ugh.

This year was a little different.  Due to the fact that my family lives in Nebraska (and I went back to Weight Watchers 5 days ago), I decided to take it easy.  I ate food that I had in the house, went on a 3.5 mile walk up in Far West, and went out to the Elephant Room to hear some seriously wonderful jazz.  Everyone was so worried about me – “Are you sure you don’t want to eat with us?” “What will you DO all day?” “How lonely!” – but it was actually an absolutely splendid day.  I watch about 14 episodes of shows online, kicked my ass into gear on my walk, and got a chance to sing at my favorite jazz club in Austin.  Success?  You better effing believe it.

So regardless of what you did yesterday, today is a new day.  So I’ve dubbed it “Green Friday”.  Because that’s much happier than “Black Friday”.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s totally easy being green.


2 thoughts on “Green Friday

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