Day 3

Yesterday, at work, I came in GUNS BLAZING, because I had CONQUERED THE WORLD with my WEIGHT LOSS BLOG!  Hoooooooray!  Weeeeeeee!  Huzzaaahhh!!!!!

Then I sat at work all day.  And at about 4:00pm, I was starving.  We’re talking ravenous.  Like, I wanted to eat an entire pizza.  Or an entire bucket of ice cream.  Something in its entirety.

But I didn’t – and this is the part that astounds me.  All I could think about was this damn blog, and anyone who happens to come across it.  You people are going keep me accountable, and that’s magical!  But I still had the problem of my hunger.

First thing I did?  Drank water.  I have a Camelbak water bottle, and I’m becoming emotionally attached to it.  I satisfies my oral fixation because you have to bite the spout to get to the water.  That might sound ridiculous, but I drink SO much more water when I’m drinking out of that bottle.

Second thing I did?  Whined about it.  (OK let’s be honest – this was probably the first thing I did, and THEN I got off my ass to get water.)

Then I ate an apple.  I have to have really good, portioned snacks at work, or I will eat an entire box of Wheat Thins.  Or Cheez-Its.  Or sugar cubes.  (What?  I like sugar.)

And lastly, I opened the Weight Watchers mobile app on my iPhone.  I knew that if I looked at my points for the day, and how I had used some of my extra weekly points on Saturday, that I would not want to ruin what I have going for me.

I have to give mad props to the WW Mobile app.  Once you get the hang of it, it makes tracking points so easy.  There a bunch of awesome recipes, and my absolute favorite part – reminders.  So this is my day:

WW Mobile: Have you tracked your breakfast?
Liz: Why, yes I have, WW! Thank you so much for keeping tabs on me!
WW Mobile: Have you tracked your lunch?
Liz: Oh my goodness, I had forgotten, thank you for the reminder!
WW Mobile: Have you tracked your dinner?
Liz: You shut your dirty mouth.

That’s usually how it goes.

Tomorrow – stay tuned for how I fair at the potluck we have at work today.  This may all end in tears.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. The ww app is amazing. Plus I understand the reminders because that is usually what happens to me. Or it is like the scene from never been kissed where she asks herself who ate all her pie. Yeah thats me only with points. Who ate all my points? Lol

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